The GOOD GAME Experience

We create GOOD GAME experiences in order to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. We believe that Play is not only the most fun but also the most powerful way of learning. By entertaining and inspiring children and their parents, together we are shaping a healthier and more sustainable future.

GRO PLAY is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green award.

Grow Forest

Ahh the forest, what a wonderful place!

Ahh the forest, what a wonderful place! In this forest Banja and her friends are waiting for you to help her build a nice and thriving green community. Here you can both plant and cut down trees and use the wood to build houses and forest roads, plane planks, create your own comic books, renovate […]


Alfie Atkins

Beep beep Alfie Atkins

In this city builder game you help Alfie (Alfons Åberg) keep the world clean and use the recycled material to build roads, residential houses, shops, schools, parks and more! As the community grows you and Alfie help the citizens to do fun chores around the city. You get to clean windows, charge cars, go shopping, […]

Free with full unlock inside the app

Grow Life

Kids and parents playing together

GROW LIFE is a unique game where both kids and parents can play together in a new way. Banja, Marianne and Fernando live together with their friends in a world with infinite possibilities in which kids and parents together create buildings, grow crops and take care of its inhabitants. You can turn treasures and trash […]

Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android for free

Alfie Atkins

Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins

Together with Alfie Atkins (Alfons Åberg), you and your kids can craft crazy helicopters and weird boats. Also you can travel into unexplored territories and fly around among stars and planets. You can play with Alfie’s friends and together you can go treasure hunting. Lifetime friends Milla, Viktor, Dad and Pussel help out of course, […]

Available for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, Kindle and Windows. $2.99 / €2.59


A board game about recycling, re-usage and consumption. A fun and strategic game in which you learn at the same time.

Memo & Lotto

This is a game where young and old play on the same conditions. The package contains a combination of a Lotto and a Memory match game where the aim is to avoid the cards with images that are non-friendly to the environment.

Wooden layer puzzle with poems – The Sea

A solid and well crafted jigsaw puzzle story made of wood, about littering in the sea and in our lakes. Especially suitable for schools and other educational institutions.

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