The JerryMaya Detective Agency

Where is the missing diamond? Who can solve this mystery?

Where is the missing diamond? Who is the culprit? Who can solve this mystery? Only you can help!
Based on the popular Swedish children’s books, The JerryMaya Detective Agency is a brand new adventure game following the two young detectives solving crimes in the small town of Valleby.
Play as Jerry and Maya, explore Valleby and meet the eccentric residents who are in need of your help. Solve mysteries using your detective skills by puzzles and using teamwork to navigate tricky platforming levels. Find secrets, clues, evidence, suspects and more to figure out who is the culprit.

Free to download and play, fullversion available as a subscription

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Gro Play
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 39
SE-118 65 Stockholm

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We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D animation specialists. Send us an application