Grow Recycling School Kit & Lesson Plans

Grow Play School Kits are lesson plans, teaching materials and additional activities to complement Gro Play educational games to help educators bring games to life inside and outside the classroom. Each School Kit contains a teacher’s guide outlining learning objectives and the curriculum addressed in each activity. School Kits are designed for grades K-3.

Download an example page (1/2) of our Grow Recycling School Kit.

Download an example page (2/2) of our Grow Recycling School Kit.

Register here to receive a downloadable version of the Grow Recycling School Kit. Versions in Swedish and English will be available by the end of April. For use in the classroom, a free web-based version of Grow Recycling is available here.

Additionally, Grow Recycling mobile apps may be purchased on the App Store here and Google Play Store.

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